Why are robots still
terrible at grasping?

The robotic grasping problem has been known for decades, with very little progress.  Nexera's NeuraGrasp technology is a completely new paradigm in grasping, and will unlock robotic capabilties which were not thought possible - until now.

Our proprietary solution

Our technology platform is comprised of a unique combination of software and hardware. Both elements need to be present in order to truly unlock the potential of robotic grasping in the most challenging applications.


The fundamentals of grasping are based on how one touches an object. We believe the best way to touch an object is almost exactly as it’s done in nature – with soft, compliant surfaces. These soft surfaces, like your fingertip, conform to the object allowing a firm grasp.

Our technology relies on our MemBrain™ technology as the interface to the object. The MemBrain™ provides the ability to easily conform to any object feature and use it to form a firm grasp. It does this repeatably, reliably and with ease.

Machine Brain (AI)

Our MemBrain™ technology requires intelligence, the ‘Machine Brain’, in order to understand the best strategies for grasping target items. The Machine Brain mimics the human cortex ability to use hands with incredible functionality.

The Machine Brain leverages AI built upon advanced algorithms from on-board sensory inputs in combination with computer vision.  The MemBrain™ and Machine Brain, when combined create a grasping platform with capabilities like nothing on the market.

NeuraGrasp — one solution that can pick almost anything

Challenging Shapes and Materials 
Different Sizes
Delicate Items

A few industries
Nexera will change forever.


Consumer purchasing habits for general retail items have been moving more and more online with each passing year.  Automation is needed to streamline these operations, with capable robots.

worker in a factory sorting and sorting items

The emergence of e-Grocery has had the effect of saving shoppers time.  As grocery fulfillment becomes increasingly automated, the need for robots is unquestionable - and those robots must have remarkable grasping capabilities

warehouse with rows of shelves and boxes of food

Shoppers have become accustomed to having access to the widest selection of fashion items.  This can only be enabled with direct access to warehouse-scale inventories, another place where robots are needed to meet the needs of the market.

woman looking at a shelf of towels in a store

High diversity with no damage


Robotic grasping is fundamentally about diversity, and what types of objects can be grasped. NeuraGrasp can accommodate an unparalleled range of weights, sizes and materials.

Damage Mitigation

Often overlooked is the ability to manipulate items without damaging them. Current technologies are critically hampered by the damage they cause to items, and NeuraGrasp eliminates this.

Challenge us.

We are ready to take-on the most difficult grasping problems.  Send us your worst, and we will show you what NeuraGrasp can do.

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